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Renewable Energy Systems To Consider

Solar Panels

As we move forward into a more environmentally conscious world, we should all be giving some thought to how we can reduce our carbon footprints. Renewable energy is a great way for homeowners to do their bit, as well as take advantage of the other benefits that going green offers. Let’s take a closer look at the renewable systems we install.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels have come a long way in recent years. In the past, they were quite expensive, which reduced the incentive to make the switch to solar. However, nowadays solar is an affordable renewable energy system that many homeowners choose to take advantage of.

Installation is simple. Scaffolding may be required, which is probably the most complicated part of the process. The mounts are secured to your roof and then the panels are carefully placed on top. Once installed, they need to be hooked up to your fuse box for the energy to flow through your system.

The great thing about solar is that they work all year-round. That’s right, even on a grey day they’ll produce energy. As long as it is light outside, they’re able to generate electricity. Of course, this means their effectiveness does reduce over winter, but that’s only due to the shorter days.

Solar Battery Storage

Once you’re generating lots of clean, solar energy, you might then consider investing in solar battery storage. This nifty add-on means that you can take advantage of all the energy you generate, so nothing goes to waste. The battery will store excess power for later use, meaning that you could be using your solar energy even at night.

Home Solar Panels

For Renewable Energy Installations, Choose Us

At Electrical Services Cornwall, we install solar panels and solar battery storage to help you take advantage of the sun’s power. Installation is quick and simple, and as soon as you’re set up you’ll start saving money on your energy bills. If you want to do your bit for the environment and also reap the rewards that come with renewable energy, contact us today to book an appointment.


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