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Security Systems To Protect Your Property

Home Cctv

Advancements in technology mean that keeping your property safe is easier than ever. Modern security systems are able to be connected to your mobile phone, so you can have eyes on your home or business no matter where you are in the world. Let’s take a closer look at the options we install at Electrical Services Cornwall.


CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is one of the most well-known security systems available today. It is a simple set-up of a camera which records a chosen area. In most cases, entryways and exits are monitored. As well as that, you can set up cameras to keep eyes on valuable items and areas that criminals are likely to target.

Security Lighting

Security lights are often motion activated, which acts as a deterrent. Trespassers will find it near-impossible to conceal themselves in darkness when security lights are operating around the property. As well as that, this can be an energy-efficient option as the lights will only power up when triggered.

Alarm Systems

Your security systems will be most effective when hooked up to a central alarm system. These can be set up so a series of triggers activate the alarm. The alarm can alert you directly or be linked to the local police force.

Home Burglar Alarm

Access Control

Some commercial premises place importance on knowing who is coming into and going out of the building. Whether this be for security purposes or fire precautions, access control systems can help. These systems mean that entryways cannot be used without the property authorities. They can be set up with keypad entry, fob entry, card entry or biometric scans.

Contact Us For Security System Installation

Whether you’d like to install a security system at home or in a workplace, we can help. Electrical Services Cornwall are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to carry out seamless installations that will keep your property safe. Get in touch today to book a slot with one of our engineers.


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